The Bloom Squad - The Bloom Series


41 Team Journey_Jeet-K_Mystic GardenJeet-Kei Leung          Director / Producer / Writer / Host
Emerging as a potent and articulate spokesperson for transformational
festival culture, Jeet-Kei brings 15 years of immersion in the culture as
a musical artist, event organizer, presenter and community builder. His
TedX talk on the subject has received over 40,000 views and acclaim
for its clear elucidation in terms both authentic to those who are part
of the culture and understandable to those outside it.

Akira Chan         Editor / Co-Director / Co-Producer / Videographer
As the lead editor and a key creative at Elevate Films, mystic2012-52Akira brings an
exceptional ability to convey the magic of a story and experience. His
documentary video work focuses on evolution and consciousness, ritual, transformational culture, global wisdom, and new education models that involve music, media, and dance.

Mikki Willis        Creative Advisor
Founder & CEO of Elevate Films, Mikki is an invaluable mentor and ally to THE BLOOM. He has produced over 200 independent productions, ranging from network television shows and theatrical features to music videos and viral media.

34 B IMG_2527Julian Reyes       Associate Producer
Keyframe’s CEO Julian Reyes brings his experience as executive producer of 2011’s feature documentary “Electronic Awakening” in directing THE BLOOM’s community-based screening
and engagement strategy.

Dov Bruyns         Music Direction
Muti Music’s label head Dov Bruyns brings his success in releasing
ground-breaking music, promotion/distribution infrastructure, and
relationships with artists to THE BLOOM’s soundtrack releases.

IMG_9190-2Syd Woodward       Featurette Editor / Videographer / Associate Producer
Grounded TV Network’s Director Syd Woodward offers his talented,
exquisite eye to THE BLOOM as a principal videographer and editor of
video featurettes and music videos for the series.

Zipporah Lomax      Featurette Editor / Videographer / Stills
Zipporah’s still photography has been acclaimed for her stunning
portraits which convey the inner spirit of the subjects she documents.
Zipporah makes a seamless transition into videography and featurette
editing with THE BLOOM series.

109 F FW2012-24Zac Cirivello               Promotions & Outreach Director / Stills

Robin Tala                    Production Manager

Carrie Koester            Fundraising & Sponsor Relations Director

Ryan Mitchell              Assistant Editor / Videographer / Stills

Maria Allred                Videographer / Featurette Editor

Aapanel-jeetron Dorr                  Videographer

Christine Peterson    Videographer

Simon Haiduk            Title Animation

Shaun Kukla             Research Intern

group-photoWith additional videography by

Adrien Roberts, David Schnack, Ri Stewart, Ed O’Beirne,
Jeddadiah BreedLove and Sadie Mae Foster