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THE BLOOM is grateful to our sponsors for their vital support in the telling of this story:

Flowtoysflowtoys full-transparent

Flowtoys produces illuminated instruments that inspire and motivate movement, with a focus on flow-arts tools that facilitate the state of optimal experience known as “flow”. Guided by conscious design, production and operation principles, Flowtoys developed the first sustainable alternative to glowsticks and fire. Our wide range of light-toys are rechargeable, recyclable and come with a lifetime warranty. Find your flow in the endless possibilities for creative expression, meditative practice, skill-building and exploration of movement.
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ElectroFur2 Electrofur

ElectroFur is more an experience than fashion.  Anyone can wear fashion that looks nice…however, with ElectroFur you choose to experience an outing like no other.  Beyond the visual beauty found in our collections, see why ElectroFur is so versatile.  There’s something here for everyone.  An elegant night at the Theatre, or dancing to beats at a European club, or participating at Burning Man – we’ve thought of you.  Nothing you’ve ever worn will garner as many smiles as ElectroFur. Period. 

Dancing WingsDancingWings_label (1)

Dancing Wings are carefully hand-crafted in Los Angeles from the finest Organza, Taffeta, Silks, and Lamay fabrics sourced from around the world.  Fabric wings have a long tradition in performance and dance costumes.  We strive to offer the finest wings in the world for dancing, performance, belly dance, worship, photography shoots, children’s dress-up and for adding a touch of the dramatic for your next formal event.

 Coconut Bliss

3 Coconut BlissNow based in Eugene, Oregon, Luna and Larry have transformed their coconut milk dessert idea into a successful business. Luna and Larryʼs Coconut Bliss has conceptualized and manufactured more than 50 flavors since the creation of the dessert in 2004, and it is available nationwide in the US and Canada. Due to the logistics of national distribution, the company narrowed its product line to fourteen flavors. Moving from the days of hand-packing each pint, now Coconut Bliss pints and Bliss Bars are shipped through distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada.

To this day Luna & Larryʼs Coconut Bliss is committed to serving the finest coconut milk- based ice cream product on the market, a driving principle that Luna and Larry instilled in the company since creation of the first pint. Coconut Bliss promises that all products it offers are made with the highest quality organic and fair-trade ingredients possible.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-One!”

Untitled-1All Dr. Bronner’s classic liquid & bar soaps are not only certified under the USDA National Organic Program, but also certified Fair Trade! In addition, we offer a range of high-quality organic and fair trade personal care products, from lotions to shaving gels – all certified under the same USDA program that certifies organic foods.

North Atlantic Books

NAB_VectorLogo North Atlantic Books is a non-profit, independent publisher founded in 1974. Our mission is to affect planetary consciousness, nurture spiritual and ecological disciplines, disseminate ancient wisdom, and put forth ways to transmute cultural dissonance and violence into service. Our catalog of over 1,500 titles cover a variety of progressive topics including holistic health, raw foods, yoga, bodywork, sustainability, spirituality, Eastern religion, occult, esotericism, mediumship, parapsychology, literary history, cultural studies, LGBT, and more.


PK Sound

PK is an owner-operated sound manufacturing, touring, event production and rental company. Their brand of audio system is well known for its full bodied and intelligible sound; a result of implementing high efficiency components, new technologies and focusing on the current demands of artists and event attendees.

Sonic BloomSonicBloom Logo

Sonic Bloom Festival is set to return to the majestic Shadows Ranch in Georgetown, CO, from June 13-16, 2013.  Known for launching the careers of some of the nation’s hottest EDM Music, the festival has already announced such luminary acts as Opiuo, Vibesquad, Random Rab, ZILLA, The Polish Ambassador, Minnesota, Bluetech, Gaudi, Orchard Lounge, Phutureprimitive, Andreilien and many more. This year SONIC BLOOM will offer even more yoga, workshops and community learning events than previous years, featuring activities such as whitewater rafting, belly-dance classes and discussions of unified field theory.

Lucidity FestivalsLucidityLogo_blackTrans

Lucidity Festival LLC is a collectively owned organization dedicated to creating transformational experiences for individuals and communities; they are a production company, a creative lifestyle for expanding consciousness, and an interconnected community of friends and family. The annual Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara, CA is an open-source transformational arts and music festival. We call it open-source because we co-create this festival experience with YOU! Lucidity invites participants to come and play, get involved with one of their six themed villages, call together your totem tribe, bring art, lead a workshop, spark a spontaneous flash mob, embody a character from your dreams, be silly and wild and free.

LaserGuidedVisions logo

LaserGuidedVisions helps activate and animate the incredible Visions of Visionary Artist through its line of holographic printing. Contact us today to see your artwork brought to life through a co-creation process of animation and 3D or come check out the Holo-Gallery at a local music festival near you! Blessings to everyone that has supported us along the way and the incredible artists we have worked with!!!

Rootwire Festival

11 Rootwire Logo low

Each year, an otherworldly event descends upon the gorgeous woodlands ofthe appalachian foothills. Rootwire is a culmination of a collective vision, a synchronistic gathering of epic proportions. An environment designed from the ground up to inspire and enlighten, created entirely by those in attendance, Rootwire is an attempt to transform society, and to banish the pitfalls of today’s modern music festivals, which are funded by corporations, and designed solely for profit.


9-TourHUBwebElegant Tour Management Software

Built not just as a powerful tool for musicians, managers & booking agents, TourHUB was also designed with the fans in mind. Keep track of all your favorite touring artists whereabouts, even get special notifications when they add dates near you!



Bridgewalkers Consulting is based in Portland Oregon. We support ecologically conscious businesses with operational assessments, change management and visual documentation/communications.  Founder, Kelli (Rua) Klein has over 20 years of corporate brand marketing, content management and operational experience. Bridgewalkers can help you build the foundations and bridges that will enable you to enter into your new frontier with grace and confidence. The culture we live in, the businesses we move in and the earth’s ecology is changing at a pace never before experienced by humankind – change is the only constant.

10 Third Eye PineconeThird Eye Pinecones

Third Eye Pinecones are individually hand-crafted from the center of the world’s densest pinecone, sustainably harvested in the Santa Cruz mountains.
For every Talisman we sell, a new tree is planted, assuring that Third Eye Pinecones aren’t taking from the forest, but are actively contributing to its reforestation.

Reclaiming BalanceReclaiming Balance LogoWEB

Reclaiming Balance supports individual, group & planetary healing through evolutionary coaching services, healing arts sessions, wellness programs, transformational journeys, retreats and workshops, Mandala Yoga and other group embodiment and team building activities, live and virtual event production, drafting and negotiating intellectual property agreements for conscious media projects, and eco-village consulting, advocacy, and network activation.

Beloved Festivalbeloved_logoNEW

Beloved is a 4 day camping, art, and music festival on the beautiful wooded  Oregon Coast. Beloved presents sacred music to help eradicate the illusion of separation from each other, from the earth and from The Beloved, and promotes that the presentation of diverse expressions of sacred music at a single venue demonstrates their common Origin and our shared relationship as a global community of contemporary devotees.

Luminate Festivalbusinesscard-3.5inx2in-h-front

Luminate is a vibrant festival of cutting-edge live and electronic music, inspirational knowledge-sharing and pioneering environmental initiatives. Nestled in the spectacular hills and native forest of New Zealand, Luminatebrings nature’s harmonic resonance into co-creative community, self-empowerment and sacred celebration, merging ancient and contemporary arts and culture. Join us for this 8 day gathering of global family activating healing, love and compassion and transforming consciousness.
28th Jan – 4th Feb 2015, Canaan Downs, Golden Bay, NZ

Earth Frequency FestivalEarth Frequency logo

Earth Frequency Festival (also known fondly as Earth Freq) is a music, arts, lifestyle and environment outdoor gathering, based in South-East Queensland, Australia. The concept of Earth Frequency is not just a party, but a gathering of many different tribes and a weekend of connection, intention and inspiration. The focus is on creating a meaningful space, where we can raise awareness and share useful information on environmental issues and sustainable lifestyle choices, consolidate community bonds, and provide a positive and transformative festival experience in the beautiful Australian outdoors, with a full range of music, performance, talks and workshops and creative activities.

Earth Frequency Festival is an inclusive, community minded event. People from many different backgrounds, ages and walks of life come together with the shared interests of music, nature, technology, culture, community and peace.

Oasis Express

Oasis-LogoOasis Express, LLC is a pioneer in mobile bathhouse environments; with artistry, ecological responsibility, and community building as our guiding principles. Offerings
include a 1968 Airstream Overlander lined with cedar and
heated with a wood burning stove, open-air hot showers,
bodywork, grooming station, and ceremonial tea lounge.  The Oasis
has been an iconic part of festivals for years; including Beloved,
Symbiosis, Envision, Emrg-n-See, and Lightning in a Bottle.

Water Woman Festival

header-objectLocated in the sacred valley of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, this gathering features international DJ’s and musicians, workshops, dance, yoga, sweat lodge, medicine ceremonies, healing sound temple, art installations, super food/raw food vending as well as local organic produce, among many other delights.

inshalaInshala Festival

Inshala is a family-oriented weekend event in the great outdoors of Southern Alberta. Inshala represents gathering community, celebrating Southern Alberta’s Land, and making time for timelessness. Inshala is a co-created gathering of people from many communities. People come from near and far to share their insights, talents and passions with each other.

Billion Jelly Bloom


Billion Jelly Bloom is a San Francisco-based performance art project founded by Patricia & Robert Lord in 2010. Inspired by their own vertiginous Burning Man experiences, they feature polyp-morphic performance art that transforms the night air into a deep ocean inhabited by an undulating, luminous jellyfish bloom.

SolsaraSolsara logo

Solsara is a practice rooted in the vision that human consciousness and culture are evolving toward the emergence of compassion, acceptance, relationship, community, and trust as the basic values from which we live our lives. We hold that this evolution begins with each of us being and embodying the change we want to create, and offer workshops that assist people in realizing their vision and facing and dissolving obstacles in the way of being fully and authentically themselves.

Roadz Less Traveled

RoadzLessTraveledLogoWe are a bus tour company that provides a unique transportation solution for your group events.  We support community values, action, adventure, and a healthy life style.  We provide community environments with music, lighting, sound, and visual arts.  Our vision is to bring people together and create imaginative environments to explore the depths of human potential, all while keeping it simple and fun.  This is mobile festival culture, that can happen anywhere a group of people can arrive by bus.

Lasers and LightsLasers and Lights logo

Lasers and Lights creates magical environments to soothe the soul and dazzle the eye. BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors are for sale or rent for “plug and play” simplicity. Transform spaces indoor and outdoor, immersing audiences in a starry night sky lighting effect that makes your ceilings and walls disappear into space or forests appear to be filled with fireflies.  Perfect for homes, nightclubs, restaurants, healing centers, weddings, landscapes, parties and events of all kinds.

Pagoda PicturesPagoda Pictures Logo

Pagoda Pictures provides cinematography and photography services for a diverse array of clients.  The collaborative nature of the motion picture industry drew David in to a world he instantly recognized as his home, populated with people as restless and spirited as himself.  Iowa-born yet global-minded, he feels fortunate to have found a job/career/passion that feeds his curiosity and deep-seated need for travel, as his work has taken him to places as diverse as Tibet, China, Peru, Haiti, Sierra Leone and Cuba.

Tala Creativetala_creative_blacklogo_transparent

A multi-level production house, specializing in Artist Management, Booking, Event Production, Social Media Strategy, Organizational Administration and Social Responsibility Consulting.

Juicy Hoops juicyhoops

Juicy Hoops is a Certified Hoop Dance company based out of Portland Oregon! Our classes are all about finding your inner yumminess, getting into your body, feeling rhythm, creating flow, laughing, smiling, dancing, building community and having fun! We also make custom hoops for adults and children. Serena has been teaching and sharing her love for the hoop for 7 years. She can teach anyone to hoop! Come join the hoop revolution and see what the craze is all about!  

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Blaine Dowdle
Andrew Larsen

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