Media - The Bloom Series


Featured Media:

* FestivalFire 2013 Festival Guide: In depth feature and interview with Producer Jeet-Kei Leung included and in this 72  page extensive guide to the 2013 Transformational Festival season. This guide is an incredible resource for anyone interested in festival culture and is presented freely via a beautifully stunning PDF.

* All You Need is Featured article on this online super blog for everything bass music and festival related. All You Need is Bass released a beautiful article about an experience had in Calgary, where the BassBus crew hosted the community screening of Episode 1: Fundamental Frequencies.

* Vancouver Observer: Online article about the Vancouver screening at Emily Carr Theatre hosted by Evolver Vancouver. “The 30-minute long film’s visuals were absolutely stunning, spanning the globe across a variety of fests. It covered the topic of audience participation to co-create the space, educational programming and the beautiful idea of a tribe not based on race, colour, sex or origin but a common belief system. “

Upcoming Features:

* Interview with director/host Jeet-Kei and article with associate producer Julian Reyes featured on Reality Sandwich, New York-based hub website for the Evolver Network dedicated to evolving culture.

* Video interview with co-producers Jeet-Kei and Akira featured on SolPurpose website dedicated to transformational culture, with great reach to the midwest, east coast and southern United States, as well as the west coast.

Press And Blogs:

* Yahoo! News

* SF Chronicle

* Reality Sandwich

* Digital Journal

* Grounded TV

* AfroMonk

* Morehead’s Musings

* Wild Hunt

* Return To Roots Festival

* BassBus

* WALB News