Visual Artists - The Bloom Series

A central feature of Transformational Festivals is a reality infused with many forms of Artistic Expression.

These range from the epic art installations of Burning Man and other festivals to the placement of live art painting as a regular feature alongside musical performers. Transformational Festival culture has also been intertwined with the emergence of a fully-fledged movement of Visionary Art, which makes tangible on canvas the truly multi-dimensional and divine nature of our human existence.

THE BLOOM features many of the brightest artists of this burgeoning movement creating anĀ original art piece to introduce each of the twelve themes covered in the series.

THE BLOOM features original artwork produced by:

Android Jones

Luke Brown

Flora Bowley


Autumn Skye Morrison

Shwa Keirstead

Geo Glyphiks

Jesse Noemind

Mugwort Designs

More artists to be announced soon!