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Transformational Festivals World Map 2012-2013

Welcome to The Bloom’s 2012-2013 Transformational Festivals World Map, listing 91 festivals on 5 continents! It is with great excitement that we share these maps as we continue to track the growth of this movement around the world. We hope that they will be of service to all of you with interest in these transformational gatherings!

This is a work-in-progress. Read our guidelines for inclusion to understand the criteria used in selecting festivals for this map.

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If there is a festival you feel should be included, please email us at map@thebloomseries.com with your proposal of which festival(s) and why. Please read and consider the guidelines for inclusion prior to doing so. An update of this map will be posted in April 2013.

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TF Map 2012-2013 N_America LOW-RES2

Transformational Festivals Map 2012-2013 – North America

TF Map 2012-2013 Europe - Middle East LOW-RES

Transformational Festivals Map 2012-2013 – UK/Europe/Middle East/Africa

TF Map 2012-2013 Central_South America - Australia_NZ LO-RES

Transformational Festivals Map 2012-2013 – Central/South America Australia/New Zealand

The Transformational Festivals map is curated by The Bloom’s Jeet-Kei Leung & Zac Cirivello¬†with assistance by Shaun Kukla and Ryan Mitchell. Graphic design by Sijay James of Onbeyond Metamedia.

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